To Enhance Memory Focus on Protecting it

Most of the time when people are considering how to improve their memory formation and learning ability, they spend a large chunk of their time focused on how to enhance it. As that link clearly shows, there are many people who think that nootropics and smart drugs are the only way to improve memory. Although this is a great way to improve cognitive performance and general mental capabilities, it is certainly not the only way.

In this article, we are going to focus on some of the methods that you can improve your memory by protecting it over the long term. This makes a big difference for both your health and your pocket book. The best way to improve memory is to preserve and protect it!

Protecting Your Memory from Toxins

The classic harm to your memory is going to come from toxins. Most people who have too many toxins in their system don’t even know where it comes from. Sometimes it comes from bad quality water, sometimes bad air quality, and simple pollution in the environment. Other times it comes in the most sinister ways.

Many people think they are eating healthy when they consume tuna because it is a fish and it is protein. Ask most people and they will almost all agree that fish is a great source of protein and tuna is the most readily available, but that doesn’t make it the best.

Tuna is filled with mercury and other heavy metals because it collects when they eat other organisms. This creates all kinds of problems in both the long and the short term, but it’s even more sad because people believe they are making healthy choices.

The same can be said about something like grass fed whey protein from Wild Foods. This is a toxin free whey protein product because it is nondenatured and it is grass fed. Many of the grain fed animals come with all kinds of toxins that you don’t want in your system.

Protecting Ourselves and Memory

The only real way that we can protect ourselves and our memory is to make sure we stay vigilant and have the best foods for our brain. We must make sure that we are spending ample time focused on the right things, which is a lot different than some of the people who don’t even care.

Making sure to protect your memory is a much better strategy than trying to overcompensate when you consume to much.

3 Dairy Product Benefits for Your Brain

The Paleo diet craze has gotten out of hand lately. Millions of people are changing their diet completely and not recognizing that they are missing out on certain nutritious foods. Even though a Paleo style diet is probably best for us from an ancestral perspective, there are a few things wrong with the entire ideology that threatens to create some major problems for those involved.

Within this article, we are going to discuss some of the options that can make your life a little easier and also a whole lot better. There are different types of dairy that can make a big difference in your health, but in a positive way. Even though a Paleo style diet might have a lot of benefits, we have created a list of some ways to utilize dairy in the right way.

#1. Yogurt – even though getting a random yogurt product from the store is not a good idea, if you look carefully it might be valuable. Yogurt that is full fat and has no added sugar is a great way to get some much needed calcium and it can also be a source of healthy fat. There are plenty of people who use greek yogurt in order to stay happy and stay healthy.

The people who are using the yogurt also find that they have many probiotic benefits. The probiotics are great for increasing gut health, which has a whole cascade of downstream positive effects.

#2. Full fat milk – most of the time, the milk isn’t that healthy because it has so much lactose, which is a lot of sugar. Even though this is the case, a little bit of full fat milk can be useful in improving the quality of your health.

#3. Whey protein – one of the best ways to take advantage of the dairy products is to simply take the protein. Whey protein is a great source of protein (one of the best) and it is one of the cheapest as well. Make sure you spend a bit more money and buy non-denatured grass fed whey protein. This is going to provide a lot of benefits and it comes with a host of other benefits as well.

Don’t underestimate the power of using dairy to harness for your own health and wellbeing. Many people make the mistake of forgetting the usage of this product, but it behooves you to get what is best and stick to it!

The Problem with Restaurant Food

A lot of people like to eat out at restaurants and sometimes this can be a fun decision. The food is often tasty if you go to the right place, there is ambiance that is fun, and you don’t have to cut vegetables or do dishes! All great benefits of eating at a restaurant, but in the scheme of things you’ll realize that there are some drawbacks that go beyond the cost.

When it comes to restaurant food, anyone who is health conscious is going to face a few problems. First of all, the restaurant food is impossible to track. There is really no way that you can adequately determine how much of a certain type of food you are getting and how to compare that into your normal diet. For the most part, this is a huge problem for someone who is trying to go on a diet and burn fat. Not calculating can lead to all types of issues.

Worse than that, you don’t ever get the highest quality oils and foodstuffs unless you’re willing to pay outrageous prices. The job of a restaurant is to make money and they have high labor costs, which means they are usually using canola and vegetable oils, which can be inflammatory and problematic or your overall health. It is far better for you to be able to get olive or coconut oil (or even grass fed butter) for the best results.

A lot of people don’t have any idea what is going into their restaurant food and it is a good idea for you to make sure you eat out sparingly as a result. Most of the time, you’ll find that a little goes a long way when eating out. It can be fun, but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

Natural Isn’t Always Healthier

There are many movements these days which regard natural products as the holy grail of the modern health scene. In reality, natural is not always the healthier option and it is a fallacy to think that this is the case. An extreme example is cyanide, which is a poison found in many natural elements that you would almost certainly die from upon contact. This natural compound is obviously not healthier.

Thus, it is important to take claims like this with a grain of salt when we are looking through data to find foods we want to eat for health purposes. In the end, the natural methods aren’t always the healthiest.

Take the new and modern world of nootropics, or instance. There are new and synthetic products, such as the racetam family, which have been studied for over 40 years and show much promise and very few side effects. In contrast, there are natural products like kratom or kava that people use with even more risks involved. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean that it is necessarily better.

When you are searching through nootropics or even supplements in general, try to have a different perspective on the natural marketing methods so that you can avoid buying something that might not fit with your desired goals. At the end of the day, it is important to make sure that the product is actually going to have a desired effect rather than simply having a buzzword we have been taught is important.

If you can keep this in mind when you are shopping, you are going to be a much more informed and better shopper that takes good care of what you buy. This is not only going to save you time, money, and energy, but it could help to save your life in certain situations as well.

4 Reasons Water Helps with Fat Loss

There are a huge number of people that start a diet and eat only bland chicken breast and some veggies. This is not the best idea and often leads to failure of a diet because it is too strict and mentally taxing. Sometimes it is best if you have other safeguards in place and ironically, drinking enough water is one of those super important safeguards.

There are 4 main reasons why water can help you to burn fat quickly, but it might not always sound intuitive. You may have never thought of water as being the be all end all of fat loss, but it is definitely one of the better things that you can do at the beginning to make the biggest difference.

  • Water breaks down lipids – when you eat dietary fat, your hormones will stay at a healthy level, but you do need to break it down correctly. This usually requires plenty of water so that the fat can be broken down in each place and then used as energy.
  • Water fills you up – For many people who are starting a diet, they feel constantly hungry and this is usually just a lack of water. Drinking more water is going to help you to burn more fat quickly.
  • Water increases blood flow – with increased blood flow and viscosity, you’re going to have more water in muscles and going near fat tissue. The increased blood flow will break down the fat, pick it up and turn it into readily used energy.
  • Water is what you’re made of – think about how much weight you want to lose and then consider how much of your total mass is actually water. You’ll find that the scale fluctuates depending on how much water you are drinking. It’s best if you drink a lot of water because your skin is made up mostly of water!