Natural Isn’t Always Healthier

There are many movements these days which regard natural products as the holy grail of the modern health scene. In reality, natural is not always the healthier option and it is a fallacy to think that this is the case. An extreme example is cyanide, which is a poison found in many natural elements that you would almost certainly die from upon contact. This natural compound is obviously not healthier.

Thus, it is important to take claims like this with a grain of salt when we are looking through data to find foods we want to eat for health purposes. In the end, the natural methods aren’t always the healthiest.

Take the new and modern world of nootropics, or instance. There are new and synthetic products, such as the racetam family, which have been studied for over 40 years and show much promise and very few side effects. In contrast, there are natural products like kratom or kava that people use with even more risks involved. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean that it is necessarily better.

When you are searching through nootropics or even supplements in general, try to have a different perspective on the natural marketing methods so that you can avoid buying something that might not fit with your desired goals. At the end of the day, it is important to make sure that the product is actually going to have a desired effect rather than simply having a buzzword we have been taught is important.

If you can keep this in mind when you are shopping, you are going to be a much more informed and better shopper that takes good care of what you buy. This is not only going to save you time, money, and energy, but it could help to save your life in certain situations as well.

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