Entrepreneurs Might Find These 2 Nootropics Most Useful

Nootropics are not something new to entrepreneurs. They are drugs that can make a real difference when it comes to focus, attention, and ability to focus long-term on a project. The vast majority of people who have started using this know that things like caffeine with MCT oil and butter (also known as bulletproof coffee) can be a big help.

Again, this is nothing new. What is new is the following two nootropic drugs that have a big impact on your overall brain health and mental performance. They aren’t what you think and they aren’t going to improve your mental performance in the same way that you think.

Mental Performance and Nootropics

Most people who use nootropics think that the best way to improve cognitive abilities is to constantly and relentlessly improve focus and attention. Not only does this not help, but it actually can hurt the entrepreneurs who think they are making a big difference. The way that this happens is through the problematic situation where they have adrenal fatigue and a bunch of similar issues.

These two nootropics will help you to avoid these issues because they help improve performance in a completely different way.

  1. Kava – this is a nootropic compound that is native to the south Pacific islands near Fiji. Even though¬†the kava root tastes badly, it is a great way to reduce your level of anxiety. The anxiety reducing benefits of kava¬†are so great that many people use it as a daily drink. Most people who are using the drug don’t even realize it is one of the few substances that can actually help women to have a better sexual experience for the same reason: less anxiety.
  2. Inositol – another molecule in the brain that can help with anxiety and feelings of panic is inositol. Many people use it as a tool that can help them to overcome their anxious tendencies and make a lot of different benefits aside from that. Most people have no experience and thus context for this supplement, but it is a great one.

Overall, if you use these two it isn’t going to make your business successful, but it is going to make a big difference. Keep this in mind and you’ll have a much better experience with your health.

Butter Coffee Doesn’t Make Sense And it Works

When many people start their journey into personal improvement and the health of their brain and body, oftentimes they do not realize that there are little tweaks or things that they can do in order to have a much better experience with their brain without causing a lot of problems.

The concept of adding butter and coffee together in the same drink makes many people feel really confused. Butter coffee is not considered a highly healthy thing in popular culture, but it is definitely getting bigger and more popular. A lot of people who are in the “nootropics” space are starting to find their way into biohacking and the coffee with butter and coconut oil is definitely one of them.

How to Make Coffee with Butter and Coconut Oil

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they do not take into consideration all of the ingredients. Many either think they do not need MCT oil or they leave out that ingredient altogether. This isn’t a huge problem, but it can definitely cause issues that are unnecessary.

For example, one of the alternatives is to simply put coconut oil in the product instead of MCT oil. This is going to make the taste of the butter and coffee much better without creating many side effects or problems in the future.

Another issue you might want to consider is whether or not you can use other supplements with your butter coffee. A lot of people find out that they can easily combine a fat soluble nootropic (or smart drug) to their combination and get the best of both worlds. For example, people love to take aniracetam in order to get the fat soluble concentration boost without a huge issue happening.

The brain is a very interesting place and it is not somewhere that you want to be constantly putting ingredients and not measuring the results. Make sure that you use the butter coffee and then test to see what is working and what is not.